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If I submit a subscription addition, do I have to order theIf the addition is a new publication or it's in the process of being revised, it will be sent to you automatically. If the publication is in stock at the warehouse, you will have to requisition it.
How do I subscribe to the Army Electronic Library (EM 0001)? Are electronic forms and publications available on CD-ROM?
No, we have discontinued the quarterly production of the Army Electronic Library (AEL) CD-ROM (EM 0001). The CD-ROM publication EM 0001 is no longer available through subscription. All published forms and publications formerly produced on the CD-ROM is now hosted from the Army Publishing Directorate websites —
–https://akocomm.us.army.mil/usapa (AKO Login Required)
How do I get to see the statuses of pubs that I've ordered ? You can do a Resupply Activity Report query from our site. It will show you the last 180 days worth of orders and their statuses.
How do I access electronic training and doctrinal (FM, ARTEP, TC, etc.) publications ? The available electronic publication files are hosted from our Web site. Note a AKO login account will be required to access these publications.