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Publications 101 Course

The Publications 101 course is a new outreach effort by APD to educate proponents and give them the tools to navigate through the publishing process and the knowledge to write better documents.

Schedule of upcoming sessions:

- 12 March (1300 to 1500)**REMOTE/DCO ONLY
- 11 June (0900 to 1100, Pentagon Conference Center, Room B2)

If you are a PC/PCO and your organization has a minimum of 15 individuals who want to receive the Publications 101 training, please send an email to Include your
name, role (PC or PCO), organization, location, and number of participants.

If you would like more information about the Publications 101 training or if you would like to sign-up for one of the sessions, please send an email to In your message, please include your contact information and specify which session you would like to attend.

Publishing Champion Quarterly Meeting

Click here for more information.

Publications News

AR 25-30 Revision

AR 25-30, The Army Publishing Program, is currently under revision.

Publishing Resources

Visit the Publishing Resources page to access helpful resources for composing and updating Army policy publications.

Forms News

Army Migrating to Adobe Fillable Forms

The Army is currently in the process of transitioning its forms to a fillable Adobe PDF format. Once the transition is complete, the new fillable PDF forms will replace both the Lotus Forms in XFDL format and the non-fillable PDF forms that are currently available. A form with the "PDF-F" means that forms are available in a fillable format.

New Army enterprise licenses for Adobe LifeCycle Forms Designer and Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extension Software will provide Armywide designers a new integrated forms and digital signature solution in one software package, enabling them to open, fill in, sign, and save forms with the Adobe Acrobat Free Reader. For more information, please contact the APD Forms Branch at

Adobe LiveCycle Designer is available through the CHESS Helpdesk:

Phone: (888) 232-4405
Commercial: (703) 806-1019
DSN: 656-1019

Click here for the memorandum from the Executive Director, U.S. Army Headquarters Services.