To Be Filed With Basic FPM Chapter 930

C 2, AR 690-900-930


1-5. OPM standards and procedures

On the basis of the complex driving problems unique to the military agencies, OPM has authorized the Department of the Army to measure applicants against the additional standards set forth in AR 600-55.


To Be Filed With Basic FPM Chapter 930 And DoD CPM Chapter 930

AR 690-900-930


Except as supplemented below, basic Department of the Army civilian air traffic controller policy is the same as provided by DoD Civilian Personnel Manual (CPM), Chapter 930, Civilian Air Traffic Controllers. Paragraph designations correspond to those in CPM chapter 930.


2-1. Policy

The Secretary of the Army (SA) administers this policy within the Army.

2-2. Coverage

The SA has delegated the following responsibilities concerning coverage:

(1) Appointing officers will determine if positions are covered. They will attach the following statement to the employee's DA Form 374 (Job Description). The official who assigns the position's duties must approve the statement as part of the job description.

"I certify that this position meets the criteria for coverage as provided under PL 96-347 and Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Manual, chapter 930."

(2) The Chief, US Army Civilian Personnel Center, will make determinations concerning coverage of positions of former Army civilian air traffic controlIers and certify qualifying previous service.

2-5. Maximum retention age

b. The servicing Army civilian personnel office will provide the required written notice of this provision to employees.

2-6. Removal determination

a. The appointing authority will make determinations on actions concerning involuntary separation for retirement.

2-7. Review procedures

a. The appointing officer will carry out the notice requirements of 5 USC 3383(a).

b. The MACOM Director of Civilian Personnel will carry out the review procedures of 5 USC 3383(b) and (c).