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What is the Forms Content Management Program (FCMP)? The FCMP is the official Army standard for Forms, digital signature, and electronic information processing. The FCMP integrated enterprise solution consists of Lotus Forms and digital signature (Silanis) software purchased for the Army enterprise 1.4 million army wide users. The FCMP provides an enterprise solution for providing not only fillable forms and storage of data, but it will also enable a form to be pushed from pc to pc using digital signature and workflow techniques. This program provides the U.S. Army the means to develop one single enterprise solution in automating functional business processes Army wide, eliminating duplicative stovepipe systems being developed across the army. In addition, with the Silanis digital signature capability in place this will eliminate army resources for being expended on courier, transportation, mailing (FedEx), handling, cost, etc
What is the Lotus Forms e-form?Lotus Forms e-forms represent a quantum leap over previous forms software and are far more than simply another electronic forms solution. Under this program, the printed form may be one of many potential outputs of what will comprise the new system. The Lotus Forms e-form is an intelligent form that encapsulates the form logic and the underlying data into a single file in a non-proprietary Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. Secure electronic signatures, automatic routing of the form to recipients, and support for non-connected users are just some of the benefits of the e-form. Additional features include automatic information population, synchronization of form data with Army databases, and integration with functional business processes.
What software do I need to use/read Lotus Forms Viewer?You must have Lotus Forms Viewer software installed on your personal computer to use electronic fillable forms. In order to digitally sign a signature enabled electronic form you will need to install Silanis software. NOTE: At this time, not all forms have been signature enabled
How can I get the Lotus Forms Viewer and Silanis Software?The Army-tailored Lotus Forms Viewer software, along with the Army-tailored Silanis electronic approval software is available through the Army Chess Website or this link Get Lotus Viewer and Silanis Software
Where can users access the Lotus Forms?Lotus Forms versions of the Army library of forms are available on the Army Publishing Directorate's web site and the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) My Forms Portal.