Chapter 1 - Introduction

1-1. Purpose

1-2. References

1-3. Explanation of abbreviations and terms

1-4. Army M&S covered by AR 5-11

Chapter 2 - Overview of VV&A

2-1. Introduction to VV&A

2-2. VV&A in the life cycle of M&S

2-3. M&S documentation in VV&A

2-4. Configuration Management

2-5. VV&A functions

a. VV&A ongoing processes.

b. VV&A activities.

c. Accreditation functions.

2-6. M&S Development Paradigms

a. Waterfall development cycle.

b. Spiral development cycle.

c. Future development cycle initiatives.

d. V&V incorporation in the development cycle.

2-7. The Army's M&S Standards Development Process

a. Background.

b. Definition.

c. Supporting VV&A.

2-8. Tailoring

Chapter 3 - Verification and Validation

3-1. Concept

3-2. Verification

a. Components.

b. Methods.

3-3. Validation

a. Components.

b. Components and methods.

c. The validation process.

d. Methods development.

e. Procedural approaches.

f. Technical methods.

3-4. V&V documentation

a. V&V plan.

b. V&V report.

Chapter 4 - Accreditation

4-1. Accreditation overview

4-2. Acceptability criteria

4-3. Accreditation procedures

a. General procedures.

b. Class of uses.

c. Application specific.

4-4. Accreditation documents

4-5. Re-accreditation

4-6. Accreditation of older M&S

Chapter 5 - VV&A of Distributed M&S

5-1. Distributed M&S

5-2. Process overview

a. General.

b. Unique characteristics of the process.

c. V&V functions.

5-3. High-Level Architecture Federation Development Process

a. DoD mandated architecture.

b. Define Federation objectives.

c. Develop Conceptual Model of the Federation (CMF).

d. Design and Develop Federation.

e. Integrate and Test Federation.

f. Execute Federation and Prepare Results.

g. Record results.

h. Federation Development and Execution Process (FEDEP) Model.

5-4. VV&A of M&S using the HLA

a. Overlay of VV&A.

b. CMF planning process.

c. Federation design.

d. Federation Integration and Test.

e. Federation Execution and Analysis.

f. Record Results.

Chapter 6 - Data Use in M&S

6-1. Introduction to data use in M&S

6-2. Data V&V and Accreditation

6-3. Data Quality Metadata Template

a. Definition.

b. Data set and database.

c. Data Quality Metadata Template.

6-4. Data transformation

6-5. Locating DoD data sources

6-6. Data management

a. Management of M&S data.

b. Management goals.

c. Management guidelines.

d. Data and activity models.

6-7. Identifying Data Standards

Appendix A - References

Publication Section I Required Publications

Publication Section II Related Publications

Publication Section III Prescribed Forms

Publication Section IV Referenced Forms

Appendix B - Selected Bibliography on VV&A

B-1. The following magazines, conference proceedings, and reports are provided for additional information.

B-2. Books

Appendix C - Army Model and Simulation Resources Repository (Army MSRR)

C-1. Army MSRR

C-2. VV&A Entry Formats

Appendix D - Types of M&S Documentation

D-1. Introduction

D-2. Typical Set of Documentation for an M&S

a. Executive overview.

b. User's manual.

c. Data dictionary.

d. Analysts guide.

e. Source code documentation.

f. Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) Requirements.

g. Simulation Support Plan (SSP).

h. Operational Requirements Document (ORD).

i. Model and Simulation Requirements Document (MSRD).

Appendix E - Configuration Management

E-1. Components of configuration management

E-2. Internal control

E-3. External control

E-4. Archiving of M&S uses

E-5. Storage

Appendix F - Verification and Validation (V&V) Plan

F-1. Sample format

F-2. Description of V&V plan

a. Purpose.

b. Background.

c. V&V responsibilities.

d. Intended uses of the M&S.

e. Information sources.

f. Verification plan.

g. Validation plan.

h. Required resources tied to V&V methodologies.

i. Appendixes.

Appendix G - Verification and Validation (V&V) Report

G-1. Sample format

G-2. Description of V&V report

a. Executive summary of the V&V results.

b. Overview of the V&V plan.

c. Description of the verification process and/or tests.

d. Description of the validation process and/or tests.

e. Identified assumptions, constraints and limitations.

f. Planned V&V activities.

g. References/attachments.

h. Appendixes.

Appendix H - Accreditation Plan

H-1. Sample format

H-2. Description of the accreditation plan.

a. Background.

b. Accreditation responsibilities.

c. Schedules milestones and resources.

d. Intended Uses of the M&S.

e. Information sources.

f. Acceptability criteria.

g. Proposed accreditation methodology.

Appendix I - Accreditation Report

I-1. Sample format

I-2. Description of the accreditation report.

a. Executive summary of the accreditation results and recommendations.

b. Acceptability Assessment.

c. Acceptability criteria summary.

Appendix J - HLA Federate Compliance Test System

J-1. HLA Federate Compliance Test System.


J-3. STEP 2: Federate Compliance Notebook

J-4. STEP 3: Test Environment

J-5. STEP 4: Interface Test

Appendix K - Data Quality (DQ) Metadata Template

K-1. DQ Metadata Template

K-2. Metadata Prioritization

Glossary -

Abbreviation Section

Term Section

Special Terms and Abbreviations Section