Department of the Army Regulation 135-101

Army National Guard and Army Reserve

Appointment of Reserve Commissioned Officers for Assignment to Army Medical Department Branches

15 February 1984

Effective date: 15 March 1984


PIN: 002138000

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History: This publication has been reorganized to make it compatible with the Army electronic publishing database. No content has been changed.

Summary: This revision updates policies, eligibility requirements, and processing procedures for the appointment of AMEDD officers with or without concurrent call to active duty. Major changes are: Clarifies MSC appointment criteria in the supply and administration specialties; deletes provision for A US appointment of ANC/AMSC officers not yet 21 years of age: revises and clarifies ANC and AMSC appointment criteria; provides for accelerated processing of active duty applicants on recommendation of The Surgeon General; provides for waiver of retirement eligibility as requested by MC applicants who cannot qualify for retirement by age 60; provides for USAR service obligation for females as a result of the Defense Appropriation Authorization Act of 1978; clarifies prohibition against double counting any time credited for prior commissioned service; adds USAREC in routing of applications for ANC unit vacancies of Army Reserve; adds creditable 66 years of service in an active status for the MSC supply and administration specialties; and changes credit in an active status for optometry and podiatry specialties based on professional education.

Applicability: See para 1-2 .

Proponent and Exception Authority: The proponent agency of this regulation is the Office of the Surgeon General.

Army Management Control Process: This publication does not contain information that affects the New Manning System.

Supplementation: Local supplementation of this regulation is prohibited except upon approval of The Surgeon General.

Interim Changes: Interim changes to this regulation are not official unless they are authenticated by The Adjutant General. Users will destroy interim changes on their expiration dates unless sooner superseded or rescinded.

Suggested Improvements: Users are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) direct to HQDA(SGPE-PD), 1900 Half Street, SW, Wash DC 20324.

Distribution: To be distributed in accordance with DA Form 10-9A requirements for AR, Army National and Army Reserve.
    Active Army: C
    ARNG & USAR: A

This supersedes AR 135-101, 22 November 1976, C 1, 21 October 1977, and IC 2-1, 201430Z September 1978; and DA message (SGPE-PD) 162020Z May 1978.

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