Department of the Army Regulation 25-36
AFJI 21-301
MCO 5215.16A
DLAR 4151.9

Equipment Maintenance

Interservice of Technical Manuals and Related Technology

12 May 1989

Effective date: 12 June 1989


PIN: 063263000

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History: This publication has been reorganized to make it compatible with the Army electronic publishing database. No content has been changed.

Summary: This publication prescribes the policies, agreements, and procedures for exchanging Technical Manuals (TM) and associated information on common-use equipment by the military services and the Defense Logistics Agency (hereinafter called components). It implements DOD Instruction 4151.9, 4 February 1982, which applies to common-use equipment and to exchanging related technology. Attachments 1 through 5 list applicable publications.

Applicability: Not applicable.

Proponent and Exception Authority: Not applicable.

Army Management Control Process: Not applicable.

Supplementation: Not applicable.

Interim Changes: Not applicable.

Suggested Improvements: Not applicable.

Distribution: Air Force: F Army: Distribute in accordance with DA Form 12-9A , Block 203, Active Army - C, D; USAR, ARNG-D.
Navy:SNDL A3(Chief of Naval Operations)
A6(Headquarters, US Marine Corps)
21A (Fleet Commanders in Chief) (less CINCUSNAVEUR)
FKA1 (Systems Commands)
FT1 (Chief of Naval Education and Training)
Copy to:
SNDLA1 (Immediate Office of the Secretary)
A2A(Department of Navy Staff Offices)
A3 (Chief of Naval Operations) (OP-116 and OP-461 only)
24 (Type Commanders)
C4L (Director of Navy Laboratories)
C83C (Navy Publishing and Printing Service Detachment Offices)
FD2 (Oceanographic Office)
FE2 (Security Station)
FF18 (Tactical Support Activity)
FG1 (Telecommunications Command Headquarters)
FH1 (Medical Command)
FKA1A (Air Systems Command) (AIR-4111B - 5 copies; AIR-41111G - 12 copies)
FKA1B (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command) (Code 003, PD30, PD40, PD50, PD60, PD70, PD80 only)
FKA1C (Facilities Engineering Command) (09M13 only)
FKA1F (Supply Systems Command) (SUP-0323 only)
FKA1G (Sea Systems Command) (CEL-TD only)
FKM19 (Publishing and Printing Service)
FKM22 (Publications and Forms Center) (Codes 00, 100,300 only)
FKM27 (Publishing and Printing Service Management Office) (Codes 41, 51, 52, 53 only)
FKP1G (Ship Weapon Systems Engineering Station) (Code 5H30 only)
FKP1J (Ordnance Station) (Indian Head, MD) (Code 3730G only)
FKP1M (Weapons Support Center)
FKQ3A (Electronic Systems Engineering Center and Activity) (Portsmouth, VA) (Code 750 only)
FKQ6 (Research and Development Activities)
FKR1B (Aviation Depots)
FKR3A (Air Engineering Center)
FKR3E (Weapons Evaluation Facility)
FKR3I (Training Systems Center) (Code
42 only)
FKR4A (Pacific Missile Test Center)
FKR5 (Avionics Center)
FKR7C (Air Technical Services
Facility) (Code 012 only) (25 copies)
FKR7E (Aviation Depot Operations
FL1 (Data Automation Command)
(Code 831 only) (35 copies) Commanding General (Code PSI-D/TM), Marine Corps Research, Development and Acquisition Command, Washington, DC 20380-0001; NPPSOs; NPPSBOs; NPPSDBOs; NPPSPAB/DPABs/DPARB
Marine Corps:CODE:7000161 (15)
7000106 (2)
7000144/8145004 (1)
Copy to:
DLA: 4; 62

*This regulation supersedes AR AFR 66-19/AR 310-70/NAVMATINST 5600.11A/MCO 5215.16/DSAR 4151.9, 6 December 1976.

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