APD - Army Publishing Directorate

UPDATE ACTIVE SEARCH: APD website has added additional search filters for searching Active Pub/Form Content. You may now search by Pub/Form Number, Title, Proponent, Unit of Issue and IDN. To search go to the dropdown menu and select "Search" and "Search Active Pub/Form Content".

UPDATE DD FORM 2542: APD started processing the certificate on 5/31/2017. The initial print case for 100,000 certificates were delivered to MDD early JULY 2017 and currently have 57,000 remaining in stock from the initial order. Currently processing numerous backorderes and expect to be caught up by end of August.

The next delivery status: For USCG = 6,000 (These will ship direct from Printer to Topeka, KS 66683-3591)
For Air Force = 25,000 (will ship to MDD via partial deliveries in August)
For Navy/DLA = 150,000 (will ship to MDD via partial deliveries in August)

Revised PO sent to Printer 7/19/2017. The Printer agreed to ship partial deliveries as additional orders are complete.
Expected total balance due to MDD end of Aug.