Department of the Army Regulation 40-56
DLAR 4140.50
AFR 67-13

Introduction, Requirements Determination, and Publication of New Standardized Medical Items into the Department of Defense (Supplementation is prohibited.)

14 May 86

Effective date: 14 May 86


PIN: 000518000

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History: Not applicable.

Summary: Not applicable.

Applicability: Not applicable.

Proponent and Exception Authority: Not applicable.

Army Management Control Process: Not applicable.

Supplementation: Not applicable.

Suggested Improvements: Not applicable.

Distribution: Defense Logistics Agency: 8
Army: Active Army, ARNG, USAR: To be distributed in accordance with DA Form 12-9A requirements for AR, Medical Services (Applicable to medical Activities only) -- B, C, D, and E
Navy: A1; A4A; A5; B5; FB29; FH; FKA1 (less NAVSUP) (5 copies); FKM8; FKM9; FKM13; FKM17. NAVSUP: 09PA; 0329; 06X; 081B3 (7 copies); 0821 (15 copies).
Stocked: Commanding Officer, Naval Publications and Forms Center, 5801 Tabor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19120
Air Force: F

Coordination: DLA-KS, DLA-LR, DLA-LP, Army (DASG), Navy (MEDCOM), Air Force (AFOMS), DMSB

*This regulation supersedes DLAR 4140.50/AR 40-56/NAVSUPINST 4440.119B/AFR 67-13, 12 Aug 74, and Change 1.

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