Department of the Army Regulation 40-63
AFR 167-3

Medical Services

Ophthalmic Services

1 January 1986

Effective date: 1 January 1986


PIN: 034983000

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History: This UPDATE issue is a reprint of the original form of this regulation that was published on 1 January 1986. Since that time, no changes have been issued to amend the original.

Summary: This regulation contains substantial changes to existing policies and procedures for furnishing prescription eyewear to eligible beneficiaries.

Applicability: This regulation applies to all activities of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Proponent and Exception Authority: Not applicable.

Impact on New Manning System: This regulation does not contain information that affects the New Manning System.

Army Management Control Process: Not applicable.

Supplementation: Supplementation of this regulation is prohibited without prior approval from HQDA (DASG-HCL), WASH DC 20310-2300, for the Army; Commander, Naval Medical Command (MEDCOM 51), WASH DC 20372-5120, for the Navy; or HQ USAF/SGPC, Bolling AFB, DC 20332-6188, for the Air Force.

Interim Changes: Interim changes to this regulation are not official unless they are authenticated by The Adjutant General, HQDA. Users will destroy interim changes on their expiration dates unless sooner superseded or rescinded.

Suggested Improvements: The Army office of primary responsibility in this joint publication is the Office of The Surgeon General, HQDA. Army users are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) directly to HQDA (DASG-HCL), WASH DC 20310-2300. Navy and Air Force users may send comments and recommendations through normal channels to Commander, Naval Medical Command, ATTN: MEDCOM 51, WASH DC 20372-5120, for the Navy; and HQ USAF/SGPC, Bolling AFB, DC 20332-6188, for the Air Force.

Committee Continuance Approval: Not applicable.

Distribution: Army: Active Army, ARNG, USAR:To be distributed in accordance with DA Form 12-9A-R requirements for AR, Medical Services—B. (Applicable to Medical Activities Only). Navy: Ships and Stations Having Medical Personnel. Stocked: CO, NAVPUBFORMCEN, 5801 Tabor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19120-5099. Air Force: F.

*This regulation supersedes BUMEDINST 6810.4G/AR 40-63/AFR 167-3, 23 August 1978.

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