Department of the Army Regulation 702-7
AFR 74-6
DLAR 4155.24

Product Assurance

Product Quality Deficiency Report Program

20 July 1993

Effective date: 20 July 1993


PIN: 003829000

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History: This publication has been reorganized to make it compatible with the Army electronic publishing database. No content has been changed.

Summary: This regulation establishes a system for feedback of product quality deficiency data in order to:
   1. Provide for the initial reporting, cause correction, and status accounting of individual product quality deficiencies, as well as to identify problems, trends, and recurring deficiencies.
   2. Enable Components to exchange deficiency report data.

Applicability: This regulation is applicable to, and has been coordinated with, DLA, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and General Services Administration (GSA), hereafter referred to as the Components. All other DoD users of Component-provided supplies or contract administration services (e.g., National Security Agency, Defense Mapping Agency, Defense Communications Agency, U.S. Coast Guard) are encouraged to comply with this regulation for reporting of any product quality deficiencies.

Proponent and Exception Authority: The proponent of this regulation is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (DCSLOG). The proponent has the authority to approve exceptions to this regulation that are consistent with controlling law and regulation. Proponents may delegate this approval authority, in writing, to a division chief within the proponent agency in the grade of colonel or the civilian equivalent.

Army Management Control Process: Not applicable.

Supplementation: DLA supplementation is prohibited.Army supplementation is prohibited. The Army will complement this Joint Service Regulation with a separate Army Regulation for reporting quality deficiencies within the Army.Navy supplementation requires approval of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research Development and Acquisition) Product Integrity.Air Force supplementation is prohibited. This regulation applies only to reports sent across Component lines by Air Force Maintenance Engineering managers. Technical Order 00-35D-54, USAF Materiel Deficiency Reporting and Investigating System, applies to all internal Air Force deficiency reporting.The Marine Corps Logistics Base (Code 808), Albany, GA, will complement this Joint Services Regulation with a separate Marine Corps Order for reporting product quality deficiencies within the Marine Corps.

Suggested Improvements: Not applicable.

Distribution: Defense Logistics Agency:2 less 10; 11; J.Army:Active Army, ARNG, USAR: To be distributed in accordance with DA Form 12-9A requirements for AR, Product Assurance-D. (Qty rqr block #513.)Navy: Copy to: Marine Corps: Copy to: Air Force: FGSA: F303

*This DLAR supersedes DLAR 4155.24/AR702/7/SECNAVINST 4855.5/AFR 74-6/MCO 4855.5F, 27 Nov 89, and Change 1.

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